new house If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re the YOUNG COUPLE and we purchased our first “fixer upper” house in the suburbs of New York.  

We began this blog — named Young Couple Old Home, when we bought a 1920’s home aka OLD HOME. !  In just a few short months after moving into our house, it  seemed to have endless inspiration for storytelling – dealing with issues, finding solutions and overcoming so many obstacles. Basically, our home renovation at times felt like it was right out of the movie the movie Money Pit with Tom Hanks (if you’re renovating your house now do not watch it till after completion).  

Young Couple Old Home
Young Couple Old Home

Young Couple Old Home Young Couple Old Home

We do most of the work ourselves, ask for help from family, Google how-tos and youtube like there’s no tomorrow.  We cross our fingers that projects don’t take three times as long or cost three times as much as we originally intended. We often think we embarrass ourselves in front of my neighbors and hope that they will still have patience with the newbie homeowners who prefers to do it ourselves.

So with that said, here’s what you’ll get out of this site: brutal honesty about first-time home ownership from people who are just like you – busy, feeling clueless, but determined. If we can do it – hell, ANYONE can. Will take the first crack at it and show you what not to do and give you tips on maintaining that awesome home your creating. 

Join us on our first journey as first time home owners and what that all means. It’s all basically one huge learning curve!



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