DIY Wine cork centerpiece decor

Hello all! Long time no speak jimmy and I have been wrapped up in planning our wedding , which is coming up real quick !! 

Any ways this past weekend I managed to have sometime on my hands and thought it would a perfect time to do a little diy project. I was inspired by the centerpieces from my bridal shower. It was so easy to replicate and all you’ll need are the following 

  • Square glass (dollar store)
  • Natural Wine corks about 8 
  • Knife to cut wine corks
  • Flowers of your choice
  1. First things first your going to need to cut each of the wine corks in half and line the round edge against wall . Continue for a few rows 
  2. Place flowers in the center 
  3. That’s it!!!! 

Yup , we know it really is that easy and affordable too! 

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Hello All!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s day this past Sunday?! As for our family, Jimmy and I hosted our first Mother’s day at our “Old Home” on what was a beautiful May Sunday. On the occasion, we did experience a few small rain showers here in NY. But, all this aside let’s get right to the point… How to host and prep for a brunch gathering at home!


First things first, create a menu of all dishes you plan on serving. Figure out what dishes can be made the night before. Below are the dishes we served on Mother’s Day and when they were cooked

  • Scrambled Eggs: Night before and warmed up half hour prior to company
  • Bacon both Turkey and “The Real Bacon” lol: The morning of in the oven same time as eggs
  • Breakfast Pizza: Morning of hour prior to company
  • French Toast: Night before and warmed up half hour prior
  • Waffles: Night before and warmed up half hour prior (we had  a waffle bar with fruit in small containers)
  • Pancakes: Night before and warmed up half hour prior (we had  a pancake bar with fruit in small containers)
  • Homefries: Morning of an hour prior to company
  • Bagels
  • Muffins
  • Fruit salad

#Protip have a sheet of paper and write out your menu with oven temperature and minutes. This way you can operate efficiently. This will definitely take the anxiety from hosting a party.

Another added touch for any brunch is, of course, a Mimosa bar and a Bloody Mary bar!

Always remember if you’re having a good time so are your guests!!

Mother's day brunch Mother's day brunch Mother's day brunch

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Our Fall Favorite Drink Perfect For Any Get Together

Our Favorite Fall Drink

Okay, so it’s been roughly a year since our House Warming Party. Now, I only bring this up because we made a sangria that was such a HIT!!! It’s perfect for any get-together, just make sure you make it in some form of pitcher or spout container that others can just pour for themselves 🙂

Ready for it… Caramel Apple Sangria! That’s right, I said Caramel Apple Sangria. Sound unbelievably delicious? It is.

It’s officially FALL now so that means that we can dive head first into all that the season has to offer, right? So while some may be sipping on a hot apple cider, we’re creating some Caramel Apple Sangria.



Caramel Apple Sangria


  • 1 bottle white wine
  • 1 bottle sparkling apple cider
  • ¼ cup caramel syrup
  • 4 apples, chopped


  1. Chill your white wine and sparkling apple cider.
  2. Once cold, mix together wine and cider and add ¼ cup caramel syrup.
  3. Chop approximately 4 apples into small cubes and add to sangria.
  4. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Let us know what your favorite fall drinks are!!

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DIY Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween Candles to add to your Halloween decor

Halloween candles

Hey, Everyone, whose excited for Halloween ?! Well then let’s get this blog started! This blog post will be focusing on the Spooky Halloween Candles that are perfect for either indoor or outdoor decor. We will provide you two, yes two different variations of the Spooky Halloween Candles. One will be rated a level of Easy and the other Difficult

Here is a reminder of the level of difficultness we rank our DIY projects.

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Let’s begin with the paper towel roll candlesticks.


  • Paper towel rolls & toilet paper rolls
  • LED tea lights
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Multipurpose Adhesive Spray Paint
  • White paper/cardboard
  • White/cream acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic container
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wood scrap big enough to accommodate all your candles 


Your paper towel tubes will be the bodies of your candles. To make them more realistic, measure your paper towel tubes and cut them to a variety of sizes. However, it’s best not to cut them down to less than six inches, or else the candles will look stubby. You can create as many candles as you want, depending on how much space you want to fill in your room.

Next, you will want to spray the multipurpose adhesive spray paint on all rolls. This is a good idea as this will make the rolls hard and perfect for holding the LED tea lights. Once this is dried apply a layer of white paint. Allow time to dry.

Halloween Candles


While we may not be using real candles, we still want our cardboard creations to look as authentic as possible, and that means making them look like they’ve been used and partially melted.

To do this, fire up your hot glue gun WITH CAUTION—never touch hot glue or the tip of the gun.

Apply drops of glue to one end of your cardboard tube, making sure to apply glue all around the rim. An average “wax drip” will be anywhere between half and inch and two or three inches, but you can also add drops that go all the way down the candle. It’s good to stagger the lengths so they don’t all look the same. Also, be careful not to let the glue get on the inside of the tube; it will make it difficult to insert your LED lights later.

Give the drops five to ten minutes to set–DO NOT touch them until they are dry and cool!

Since glue is not as porous as cardboard, simply brushing paint onto the drips can often result in flaking and streaking. Pour some paint into a small plastic container. When your glue has set, dip the end of your candle in the paint and allow it time to dry. This will provide a clean coat and make your drops blend in more with the rest of the candle.

Halloween Candles7


This is where you will want to take either your computer paper, but we prefer tiny cardboard pieces. You will want to make them the same size as the opening and create an X. Hot glue the two cardboard pieces and wait for them to dry. Place your tea lights accordingly.



Lastly, stagger your candles, however, you would like and trace with a pencil their exact location on your wood base. Now feel free to adjust your base to your preference, either stain the wood base or paint the wood base. It’s really all up to you.

Vola ! Version One complete.


PVC Halloween Candles

While it’s possible to make candles using paper towel rolls or cans, you may want something sturdier. PVC pipe is a good choice (assuming you have the tools to cut up the pipe).

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may not be in a typical household )

Please follow same step and directions as the Paper towel version.

Remember to stay safe and have fun!




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diy halloween countdown sign

Halloween is coming and we are counting down the days with this easy Halloween pallet art!

Halloween Pallet Countdown

This will mark the first year Jimmy and I set-up our house in all it’s horror glory at our new house. We actually have been building and planning for this year’s Halloween back in August, and yes, we are those people, hahaha. 

For the first DIY project, we will be sharing, is how to create a Halloween Pallet Sign Countdown. Pallets are fairly easy to come by and usually free. So this should not be an expensive project. Please note, the level of difficulty for this project is rated difficult on our scale. So please keep an eye out on the ratings we provide each of our projects going forward. Below, you will see how we rate our levels of difficulty.

The scale has three levels:

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 pallet
  • Paint color of your choosing
  • Picture frame hooks (they look like J’s)
  • Computer paper with numbers printed on them 
  • Laminate paper (this will protect them from the rain)
  • Hole puncher
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Jig Saw (to keep that rustic look)
  • Eye protection wear, whenever using any saw. Safety first!
  • 2 old  broomsticks

Step-by -Step:

  • Pallets have three bases cut one of the ends off by using the jig saw, this way you are only left with two bases attached.
    • #Protip If you are okay with the full size of the pallet than skip this step
  • You will want to drill the broomsticks into the back of the pallet. This can be used to place in the dirt/grass
    • #protip if you want to be even craftier, you may want to use PVC pipes to drill them onto the back of the pallet than you can slide the stakes/old broomsticks in and out. Perfect for when removing and storing it away. You are able to screw the screws on an angle to secure the PVC to the pallet or use a Sawzall to make round holes through the PVC pipe for easy access to the screw. 
  • Now comes to easy part, write what you want on your pallet countdown sign. Feel free to use stencils, but take this time to measure out how much space you will need for each word
    • #protip this can be as basic or eccentric, it all depends on the look that you are going for!

dsc_0559 DIY Halloween Count Down

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How to Hang Window Boxes on Vinyl Siding

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home











Learn how to hang window boxes on a vinyl house- the easy way!

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to revamp the front of your house with some window boxes. Jimmy and I are now tackling the front yard and will be posting a blog on the whole process and flowers we used. In the mean time, you all want to learn how to hang window boxes on Vinyl Siding, than keep reading.

To hang window boxes in the most common way, you would have to put holes through the siding. Window boxes can also scratch the exterior of your siding where they hang. With some special hardware and care, you can overcome both of these issues. So, if you are determined to have window boxes on your vinyl-sided house, you’ll need the right tools.

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

Things You’ll Need

  •  5 quarter board by whatever length of the window boxes
  •  Vinyl window boxes (metal hooks and hardware included)
  • 5″ lag bolts with washers
  • Paint -similar to your choice of window box

Free Ship to Store or Home on Over 700,000 Items

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

  • Measure the overall length of the window boxes, in our case we used three individual boxes. Cut the 5/4 board to that exact length. Since it is very difficult to find the wall studs since houses are covered in siding, we used cinch lag bolts to secure the 5/4 board to the siding. the lag bolts are big enough to go past the siding, past the outer insulation and into the plywood which houses are made with. This gives us a flat surface to mount the hooks to.
  • The next step is not hard, but can be tricky. You will want to use a level and  draw a line which is where all the brackets will go.
  • Clip the window boxes on the brackets and voila. However; the siding or the window might not be exactly level. so you need to also use your eye and tweak it if need be. For a home that is just under 100 years old we got lucky and everything was level.
  • Use at least two hooks for each window box. Putting one hook at each end will help distribute the weight and keep your window box level. In our case the window boxes has specific indentations of where to clip the hooks to.
  • After installing the window boxes to check how they look we noticed the wood board behind it was slightly visible. So we used white spray paint on the edges and the sections in-between the window boxes to make it blend it.
  • Normally you would have to keep your window box as light as possible. But with this design the wood board is secured to the frame of the house and the window-box hooks are resting completely on the wood. Now wouldn’t recommend standing on the boxes, but it can certainly hold up more than the 10 to 12 lbs the vinyl siding could on its own. Another tip is to make sure the bottom of the window box has one or two small holes for water drainage.


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Have you been wondering how to best clean your refrigerator? How about using vinegar? It’s one of those cleaning solutions most of us always have on hand, so it is a great tool to turn to when it comes to cleaning the fridge.


You’ve let the mess in your fridge get the best of you. It can happen to anyone.  Things get busy and things like cleaning the shower or heck–even the waffle maker–go by the way-side.


Believe it or not, a messy fridge is also costing you money.  When our refrigerators become so full that we can no longer find anything, we are in serious danger of wasting a lot of food, from forgotten leftovers hidden behind the milk to produce that goes bad before we remember it is there, to condiments that have been expired for years still taking up space.

And it’s not just the food waste taking a bite out of your budget.  Surprisingly, your fridge can increase your energy bill by a LOT.  Peak efficiency requires plenty of air circulation, clean coils, and clean seals that are tight and working properly. You can boost the efficiency of your fridge and lower your energy costs simply by keeping things clean.

If it’s not already, your refrigerator should definitely be added to your regular cleaning list. Your weekly fridge duties should include wiping down the surfaces, disinfecting the door handle, and carefully rotating food as it gets older to prevent spoilage. Food should be properly stored in covered, clear glass containers that can be easily identified and cleaned. Wipe off lids, put a paper towel under items that are likely to drip, and pay attention to dates and ages.


Step 1- Take out all the food. If you’re worried about spoiling, store the perishables in a cooler while you clean.


Step 2- Mix your hot/warm water, baking soda and vinegar into your spray bottle and spray away. Use the dish brush to get into the crevasses. For tougher set-in stains try pouring a small amount of undiluted vinegar onto that spot and letting it sit for a few minutes.

Step 3- Make sure everything is dried before placing the food back. This is a great time to discard all food items that have spoiled or you do not see yourself eating.



Taking care to organize your fridge and deep clean it every season can ensure you have plenty of extra storage space. You’ll save money because you won’t be re-buying things you didn’t realize you had buried in the back of the fridge. Plus, your fridge will work more efficiently and be more cost-effective.

Most importantly, though, having a clean fridge will help keep your family healthy and safe!

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DIY Glitter Vase


Here is another easy craft idea for a great DIY glitter vase!  This is perfect for gifting a simple bouquet of flowers, or even as a fun new way to store you wine corks! We just love a good craft session with a glass of wine.

 Materials Needed: 

  • Glass Vase (I got mine at the dollar store!)
  • Painters Tape
  • Crystal Clear Sealer
  • Glitter in the color of your choice
  • Rhinestones (optional)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush








Step 1:


Take your masking tape and carefully tape even lines around your glass. Vary the height of the lines for visual interest. You don’t have to do lines if you don’t want to – feel free to mix it up by putting polka dots, triangles, zig-zags, you name it!  Any design can work on this easy craft idea! Just keep in mind that whatever the tape is covering will be clear glass!

Step 2:


With your foam brush lightly lather the vase with Mod Podge. Next take the glitter and sprinkle all over the vase where you placed the glue. #ProTip, we used a paper plate while doing this step, by doing so, it was much easier to clean-up. Also, you can easily place the access glitter back in the container!

Step 3:


To seal the glitter and to provide additional shine, use  Krylon Crystal Clear.

Step 4: Optional***


You can add rhinestones to the flower petals to add that extra bit of glam to your flowers.

Simple and easy just the way we like it!  





Thinking Outside The Pot

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Where To Buy Affordable Furniture, Appliances & Decor


After our  home renovations were coming close to the end, we needed to start buying furniture, light fixtures, and decor. Obviously, we love to DIY a lot of our own decor and furniture whenever we can, but making a couch is a bit difficult. Don’t you think ?


So first things first, highly recommend creating an Ebates account, like YESTERDAY! This is not an advertising ploy of any sorts. If you never heard of them, Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online.

If you want to join for FREE use this Ebates link and start to get paid for shopping on all of your favorite sites.

Below is a list of our favorite sites we used:

  • Amazon
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Target
  • Lighting Direct
  • Macy’s
  •  Bobs Discount Furniture (AMAZING Deals, purchased our Dining Room Set and Couch)
  • ESaleRugs
  •  Sears
  • Home Depot
  • Ikea
  • Michael’s
  • Christmas Tree Shop

Best part about these sites we used, it was all done through Ebates and we received a nice check in the mail! Which we obviously used to buy more furniture & decor 🙂

Happy Shopping!!!

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