DIY Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween Candles to add to your Halloween decor

Halloween candles

Hey, Everyone, whose excited for Halloween ?! Well then let’s get this blog started! This blog post will be focusing on the Spooky Halloween Candles that are perfect for either indoor or outdoor decor. We will provide you two, yes two different variations of the Spooky Halloween Candles. One will be rated a level of Easy and the other Difficult

Here is a reminder of the level of difficultness we rank our DIY projects.

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Let’s begin with the paper towel roll candlesticks.


  • Paper towel rolls & toilet paper rolls
  • LED tea lights
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Multipurpose Adhesive Spray Paint
  • White paper/cardboard
  • White/cream acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic container
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wood scrap big enough to accommodate all your candles 


Your paper towel tubes will be the bodies of your candles. To make them more realistic, measure your paper towel tubes and cut them to a variety of sizes. However, it’s best not to cut them down to less than six inches, or else the candles will look stubby. You can create as many candles as you want, depending on how much space you want to fill in your room.

Next, you will want to spray the multipurpose adhesive spray paint on all rolls. This is a good idea as this will make the rolls hard and perfect for holding the LED tea lights. Once this is dried apply a layer of white paint. Allow time to dry.

Halloween Candles


While we may not be using real candles, we still want our cardboard creations to look as authentic as possible, and that means making them look like they’ve been used and partially melted.

To do this, fire up your hot glue gun WITH CAUTION—never touch hot glue or the tip of the gun.

Apply drops of glue to one end of your cardboard tube, making sure to apply glue all around the rim. An average “wax drip” will be anywhere between half and inch and two or three inches, but you can also add drops that go all the way down the candle. It’s good to stagger the lengths so they don’t all look the same. Also, be careful not to let the glue get on the inside of the tube; it will make it difficult to insert your LED lights later.

Give the drops five to ten minutes to set–DO NOT touch them until they are dry and cool!

Since glue is not as porous as cardboard, simply brushing paint onto the drips can often result in flaking and streaking. Pour some paint into a small plastic container. When your glue has set, dip the end of your candle in the paint and allow it time to dry. This will provide a clean coat and make your drops blend in more with the rest of the candle.

Halloween Candles7


This is where you will want to take either your computer paper, but we prefer tiny cardboard pieces. You will want to make them the same size as the opening and create an X. Hot glue the two cardboard pieces and wait for them to dry. Place your tea lights accordingly.



Lastly, stagger your candles, however, you would like and trace with a pencil their exact location on your wood base. Now feel free to adjust your base to your preference, either stain the wood base or paint the wood base. It’s really all up to you.

Vola ! Version One complete.


PVC Halloween Candles

While it’s possible to make candles using paper towel rolls or cans, you may want something sturdier. PVC pipe is a good choice (assuming you have the tools to cut up the pipe).

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may not be in a typical household )

Please follow same step and directions as the Paper towel version.

Remember to stay safe and have fun!




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