diy halloween countdown sign

Halloween is coming and we are counting down the days with this easy Halloween pallet art!

Halloween Pallet Countdown

This will mark the first year Jimmy and I set-up our house in all it’s horror glory at our new house. We actually have been building and planning for this year’s Halloween back in August, and yes, we are those people, hahaha. 

For the first DIY project, we will be sharing, is how to create a Halloween Pallet Sign Countdown. Pallets are fairly easy to come by and usually free. So this should not be an expensive project. Please note, the level of difficulty for this project is rated difficult on our scale. So please keep an eye out on the ratings we provide each of our projects going forward. Below, you will see how we rate our levels of difficulty.

The scale has three levels:

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 pallet
  • Paint color of your choosing
  • Picture frame hooks (they look like J’s)
  • Computer paper with numbers printed on them 
  • Laminate paper (this will protect them from the rain)
  • Hole puncher
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Jig Saw (to keep that rustic look)
  • Eye protection wear, whenever using any saw. Safety first!
  • 2 old  broomsticks

Step-by -Step:

  • Pallets have three bases cut one of the ends off by using the jig saw, this way you are only left with two bases attached.
    • #Protip If you are okay with the full size of the pallet than skip this step
  • You will want to drill the broomsticks into the back of the pallet. This can be used to place in the dirt/grass
    • #protip if you want to be even craftier, you may want to use PVC pipes to drill them onto the back of the pallet than you can slide the stakes/old broomsticks in and out. Perfect for when removing and storing it away. You are able to screw the screws on an angle to secure the PVC to the pallet or use a Sawzall to make round holes through the PVC pipe for easy access to the screw. 
  • Now comes to easy part, write what you want on your pallet countdown sign. Feel free to use stencils, but take this time to measure out how much space you will need for each word
    • #protip this can be as basic or eccentric, it all depends on the look that you are going for!

dsc_0559 DIY Halloween Count Down

Young Couple Old Home

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