DIY I Love You Sign

Learn How To Make Your Own I Love You Sign

Perfect for a proposal, Valentines Day or any day you feel like celebrating love!


Hey, everyone! If you’re interested in how Jimmy made our I love you sign when he popped the question, then please keep reading.

Difficulty Level: Easy


  • 1/2 inch thick wood, Size pends on how big you want the sign

  • In pencil the words are written out “I Love You”, you can even use a stencil

  • 100 Christmas Lights

  • Black Paint

  • Paint brush

  • Drill with 5/16 drill bit

  • Sand Paper

  • Ruler


1. Print and cut out the I Love You  printable. Lay on top of the wood and trace using your pencil.

2. Grab your ruler and mark a dot every 1 1/2 inches along the pencil lines of the letters.

3. Using the 5/16 drill bit, drill holes at every mark along the I Love You letters. Then sand the wood until it’s smooth.

4. Using your paint brush grab the black paint and cover the surface of the wood.

5. Flip the board over and stick one Christmas light bulb in every hole.

And that is it!

Young Couple Old Home


Young Couple Old Home

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