DIY Will You be our Ring Bearer Gifts

DIY Ring Bearer Security Gifts

Learn how to make affordable ring bearer gifts that they’ll love!

Jimmy and I are asking his two adorable nephews to be our ring bearers. We wanted to give them a little something and of course be very affordable. It’s obvious all the little items will add up very quickly and a wedding can be very expensive. 

We made them T-shirts that said “Ring Security”, and purchased police badges at our local Party City store. Along with that, we made them a little card that read top secret! All in all this project cost under $10 each


  • T-shirt of your color and size (Hobby Lobby $3 each)
  • Ring Security decal (Hobby Lobby $2 each)
  • Stock card (Staples $4.79 pack of 10)
  • Iron
  • Printer

Follow the directions as per your decal and the same with your Staples stock card. The stock card was super easy & it came with templates too!

Remember have fun with this!




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