Our First Haunted Halloween Cemetery

“Lost Souls Cemetery”

Our first Haunted Cemetery was a success! We had tons of kids and adults visiting and we enjoyed every minute of it. Granted we had been planning this since August and finally it all worked out. Check out pictures from our day and we layout each prop that was made by us.

 dsc_0548Halloween CemeteryHalloween Cemetery  Halloween Cemetery Halloween Cemetery Halloween Cemetery   Halloween Cemetery img_7985

Majority of the figures in our cemetery were either made or modify because they were broken (we picked them up from Craigslist) and they were very inexpensive. Let us know which figures you would want more of a description on how we made them.

8Creature in a Box (motioned sensored all Jimmy’s doing )

Halloween Cemetery Breathing Grave

Halloween Cemetery Coffin with Animated Skeleton ( Animated was store bought and modified)

Halloween Cemetery img_8032fog machine tomb stone fog machine tomb stone

Tomb Fog Machine ( Tomb was made out of styrofoam box, we hand carved it and placed a fog machine inside, also used water bottles that were frozen in substitution for dry ice to keep the fog smoke down to the ground) Top piece however was store bought, we glued it to the top

Halloween Cemetery  dsc_0517  dsc_0516dsc_0518dsc_0526

Zombie/Monster (Jimmy built this Animated Figure)

dsc_0640 Animated Zombie (Believe it or not he’s animated by using an old standup fan!) Dumpster diving at it’s finest people!!

dsc_0494 dsc_0499 1

Pallet Picket Fence: We used pallets that we found off of Craigslist for free. First we disassembled the pallets, drew out the size and shape of the fence we wanted. Next we took a wood finish stain to make it look weathered and vola! (Granted their are more steps in-between, but again let us know which decoration you would want more details on)

dsc_0529DIY Halloween WindowDIY Halloween Window DIY Halloween Window

Boarded Up Cardboard Windows: Literally disassembled a few boxes and then cut strips of card board pieces and crissed crossed them up. Once the layout was done we took black spray paint and blacked out the “window. As for  the “wood” pieces they were a mixture of black spray paint and white paint. #Protip use an old/dry brush and dip it in the paint, allow it to run across the cardboard piece in a streak like way. Remember it’s halloween, the idea is it’s not supposed to look perfect.


Young Couple Old Home

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