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This Old House Became Our New Home

Come on in and take a look at the before and after of  our first home.  Basically, let’s take a time machine back to the 70’s which was probably the last time the house was updated.

Front of the house before:

The front of the house is a bit dated and had a huge tree that had rotted down to its roots, and would pose issues as its large branches were resting on the roof of the first floor. This made us nervous, because one big rainstorm, we felt it could fall on our house. Previous owners had closed off what could have been the porch and made an extra room (this extra room was their sun-room, aka our office).


Front of the house after:

Young Couple Old HomeDSC_0477

Living Room before:

The living room is the first room you walk into, decent size space, but no wall space. This house has tons of natural light, windows are everywhere; however, this becomes difficult for a living room when you want to mount your flat screen TV. The living room had two entrance to the upstairs, one from the living room and the other from the dining room.

LR 1LR 2

Living Room after:

Our goal for this house was to update, but also try to stay true to the charm of this old charming home. (Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict would be so proud, well almost haha.) We kept the french doors and painted them (Behr: black suede), made the sunroom entrance smaller, removed carpet, closed up the entrance to the staircase from the living room. Due to the floors not being leveled and the original wood floors not being able to be saved, we placed heated porcelain tiles that look just like wood floors.  If that wasn’t enough, we also replaced walls and placed new wiring throughout the entire house.

Main color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Accent Color: Pewter by Benjamin Moore




Dining Room Before:

We knocked down the wall the dining room and kitchen shared, to give it that open concept. This was a big project as this particular wall enclosed an original brick chimney. Took Jimmy, his dad, and several workers to take the chimney down. We basically had a hole going from the basement to the roof. All walls were taken down and replaced with insulation and sheet rock. We were dealing lath boards for days!!!

Dining Room after:

We removed the arch to the staircase entrance and extended the opening to the ceiling. The staircase had no proper support and had to be re-supported otherwise the scene from Money Pit where the stairs go out would have happened! If you haven’t seen it, it’s a Tom Hanks classic, and you should! See video below. However; if you’re renovating we suggest watching it after your projects are completed. You can thank us later 😉

Young Couple Old Home0903151508a

Granite: White Alaskan (So in love with it!!)

Kitchen before:

This is where we said Barbara has the ability to envision what something could potentially look like. She wanted to open up the kitchen and we ran into some issues where this might not have happened. But, Jimmy learned happy wife is a happy life and with a friend of his dads and a lot of praying we were able to give Barbara that open concept kitchen.


Kitchen after:

Everything is brand new from the wiring in the walls, the walls, appliances, tiles, and cabinets.


Master bedroom before:

Basically, everything was redone.


Master bedroom after:

Now if you read in our “Our First Home” section of the site, we mentioned what requirements the house we purchased must have. Allow us to remind you, Jimmy wanted a two car detached garage and in our town, it can be difficult to find such a property. Basically slim pickings, but we found one. So with that said Barbara, requested a dressing room, yes you read correctly a DRESSING ROOM.  (will be uploading updated pictures) We took one of the extra bedrooms and made it into the dressing room/closet.

Main Paint color: Revere Pewter

(FUN FACT: Revere Pewter is such an awesome transitional color it picks up on other colors in the room. Basically, that means for you every room it can look different!)

Accent color: Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore

dsc_0572 dsc_0574 dsc_0582Young Couple Home

Spare Bedroom before:

Basically, everything was redone.

Young Couple Old Home Young Couple Old Home

Spare Bedroom after:

We made the closet taller to fully utilize every square inch to the max. As you can see we made all the bedroom doors, bathroom doors and linen closet doors Behr black suede. It literally changed the entire look of the second floor!

Young Couple Old Home Young Couple Old Home

First floor Powder room before:

This room was in desperate need of a facelift! (Just don’t mind me in the mirror)


First Floor Powder Room After:

This room has been one of Barbara’s favorite rooms to design and decorate. We were able to raise the ceiling in the powder room an additional 16 inches, which is amazing! New floor tile that leads in from the kitchen, paint, stone backsplash, and new vanity.

The entire bathroom supplies came from Home Depot.