DIY Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween Candles to add to your Halloween decor

Halloween candles

Hey, Everyone, whose excited for Halloween ?! Well then let’s get this blog started! This blog post will be focusing on the Spooky Halloween Candles that are perfect for either indoor or outdoor decor. We will provide you two, yes two different variations of the Spooky Halloween Candles. One will be rated a level of Easy and the other Difficult

Here is a reminder of the level of difficultness we rank our DIY projects.

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Let’s begin with the paper towel roll candlesticks.


  • Paper towel rolls & toilet paper rolls
  • LED tea lights
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Multipurpose Adhesive Spray Paint
  • White paper/cardboard
  • White/cream acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic container
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wood scrap big enough to accommodate all your candles 


Your paper towel tubes will be the bodies of your candles. To make them more realistic, measure your paper towel tubes and cut them to a variety of sizes. However, it’s best not to cut them down to less than six inches, or else the candles will look stubby. You can create as many candles as you want, depending on how much space you want to fill in your room.

Next, you will want to spray the multipurpose adhesive spray paint on all rolls. This is a good idea as this will make the rolls hard and perfect for holding the LED tea lights. Once this is dried apply a layer of white paint. Allow time to dry.

Halloween Candles


While we may not be using real candles, we still want our cardboard creations to look as authentic as possible, and that means making them look like they’ve been used and partially melted.

To do this, fire up your hot glue gun WITH CAUTION—never touch hot glue or the tip of the gun.

Apply drops of glue to one end of your cardboard tube, making sure to apply glue all around the rim. An average “wax drip” will be anywhere between half and inch and two or three inches, but you can also add drops that go all the way down the candle. It’s good to stagger the lengths so they don’t all look the same. Also, be careful not to let the glue get on the inside of the tube; it will make it difficult to insert your LED lights later.

Give the drops five to ten minutes to set–DO NOT touch them until they are dry and cool!

Since glue is not as porous as cardboard, simply brushing paint onto the drips can often result in flaking and streaking. Pour some paint into a small plastic container. When your glue has set, dip the end of your candle in the paint and allow it time to dry. This will provide a clean coat and make your drops blend in more with the rest of the candle.

Halloween Candles7


This is where you will want to take either your computer paper, but we prefer tiny cardboard pieces. You will want to make them the same size as the opening and create an X. Hot glue the two cardboard pieces and wait for them to dry. Place your tea lights accordingly.



Lastly, stagger your candles, however, you would like and trace with a pencil their exact location on your wood base. Now feel free to adjust your base to your preference, either stain the wood base or paint the wood base. It’s really all up to you.

Vola ! Version One complete.


PVC Halloween Candles

While it’s possible to make candles using paper towel rolls or cans, you may want something sturdier. PVC pipe is a good choice (assuming you have the tools to cut up the pipe).

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may not be in a typical household )

Please follow same step and directions as the Paper towel version.

Remember to stay safe and have fun!




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diy halloween countdown sign

Halloween is coming and we are counting down the days with this easy Halloween pallet art!

Halloween Pallet Countdown

This will mark the first year Jimmy and I set-up our house in all it’s horror glory at our new house. We actually have been building and planning for this year’s Halloween back in August, and yes, we are those people, hahaha. 

For the first DIY project, we will be sharing, is how to create a Halloween Pallet Sign Countdown. Pallets are fairly easy to come by and usually free. So this should not be an expensive project. Please note, the level of difficulty for this project is rated difficult on our scale. So please keep an eye out on the ratings we provide each of our projects going forward. Below, you will see how we rate our levels of difficulty.

The scale has three levels:

Easy: (anyone can do it)

Difficult: (Requires some skill/knowledge of tools, tools that may be a typical household may not have)

Very Difficult: (Requires skills/knowledge of tools)

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 pallet
  • Paint color of your choosing
  • Picture frame hooks (they look like J’s)
  • Computer paper with numbers printed on them 
  • Laminate paper (this will protect them from the rain)
  • Hole puncher
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Jig Saw (to keep that rustic look)
  • Eye protection wear, whenever using any saw. Safety first!
  • 2 old  broomsticks

Step-by -Step:

  • Pallets have three bases cut one of the ends off by using the jig saw, this way you are only left with two bases attached.
    • #Protip If you are okay with the full size of the pallet than skip this step
  • You will want to drill the broomsticks into the back of the pallet. This can be used to place in the dirt/grass
    • #protip if you want to be even craftier, you may want to use PVC pipes to drill them onto the back of the pallet than you can slide the stakes/old broomsticks in and out. Perfect for when removing and storing it away. You are able to screw the screws on an angle to secure the PVC to the pallet or use a Sawzall to make round holes through the PVC pipe for easy access to the screw. 
  • Now comes to easy part, write what you want on your pallet countdown sign. Feel free to use stencils, but take this time to measure out how much space you will need for each word
    • #protip this can be as basic or eccentric, it all depends on the look that you are going for!

dsc_0559 DIY Halloween Count Down

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Repurposed Wood Picture Frame

Easy DIY Rustic Picture Frame

Skill level: Easy

Loved creating this really easy repurposed wood picture frame.  We live not too far from the beach and at times Jimmy and I would go either for a run or walk by the beach. One day I came across the piece of wood that was flat but had what I call “character” and thought this could be used for something down the road. Well, that project I would use it for was to create a wood picture frame. Please keep reading if this sounds like an easy and awesome idea. This project makes great for any gifts or home decor, happy crafting!


  • Repurposed wood, or plank of wood size of your choice
  • Wood stain of your choice
  • Hammer
  • burlap
  • Elmer’s Wood Glue
  • Pictures of your choice
  • Carpet nails
  • Acrylic Paint color of your choice
  • Paint brushes
  • Stencil


  • Grab your wood stain and paint brush and stain the wood with the color of your choosing. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area
  • After the wood has dried, next grab the burlap and pictures, this is where you will want to glue the two onto each other
  • Next, place the Picture with the burlap onto the wood plank and take the carpet nails and hammer them in accordingly. The carpet nails add an extra touch of rustic to it, don’t you think?
  • After the pictures are settled, grab your stencil, paint and paint brush and you may write a saying if  you have room or the names of the people in the pictures, just like what we did. This is your project do whatever sparks your fancy!
  • Let it dry and that my friend is it!

Repurposed Wood Picture Frame Repurposed Wood Picture Frame Repurposed Wood Picture Frame

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One Year Anniversary In Our Renovated Old Home

WoW One Year In Our Old Home!

We can not believe we have lived in this awesome house that we get to call HOME for one year. It is so crazy to think we purchased our first home back in February 2015, and shortly after began the renovation process. Seven long months later we moved in.

Like any homeowner, there are always tons of projects left to do, but taking it day by day is our motto. We have a lot more stories and projects that we would love to continue to share with all of you. Below are some great memories and projects that we would love to share with you, in honor of our one year anniversary!!!

Young Couple Old Homedsc_0533 dscn0943  DSCN1176  dsc_05340321151237 dsc_0516dsc_0541 dscn1058dscn0966 dscn0972 dscn1053 dscn1076 img_3947-1dscn1070


So crazy to think that we spent so much time renovating and now we are living and enjoy the fruit of our labor. It was totally worth it and if you’re in the middle of your home renovation, don’t worry there will be a light. So keep trucking along, you can do it!!!

If you want to see the rest our house finished then go on and click here!10989163_10153785170231988_4575281435891061838_n



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DIY Nautical Deck Themed Decor

DIY Nautical Deck Themed Decor

New Deck Makeover Part Two

Continuing from our first deck makeover reveal we were able to make a few more Nautical Themed Decor and repurpose old Lanterns from our previous home. If interested, then please keep reading.

Nautical Themed Deck

Lanterns- Can be purchased at Christmas Tree Shop, Pier 1, & Pottery Barn

DIY Nautical Pillars-

Nautical Pillars

Coffee Table Decor :DIY Nautical “Faux” Glass Floats from Foam Balls

For Step By Step instructions for where I learned how to make my DIY Nautical “Faux” Glass Floats from Foam Balls, please visit Crafts By Courtney.  Bowl was purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop


Nautical Wine Coasters

DIY Nautical Rope Coasters

Wine Glass Charms – Can be purchased at our Etsy Shop

Wine Charms

So in NY the weather has been hot and lovely this entire Summer. We’re hoping it holds up for at least the rest of September. This way we can enjoy our lovely deck a little bit longer.

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DIY Date Night Jar

DIY Date Night Jar

Ideas for you and your bae !

Okay, so in today’s blog Jimmy and I want to talk about date night ideas. Let’s discuss how to take the “I don’t know, what do you want to do” phrase out of your vocabulary. How may you ask? Well, by creating your very own Date Night Jar filled with ideas and endless memories. Because, the amount of time we waste sitting on the couch going back and forth saying I don’t know what do you want to do, we could have been somewhere doing something and making memories with our loved one. Are we right? Or are we right?

So after about four years of being together if we could have a dollar for every time we each asked, “So what do you want to do tonight/Day?” We’d have a lot of money for an expensive date that we probably wouldn’t know still what to do 🙂DIY Date Jar

What you need for your DIY Date Night Jar:

  • Jar of any type (we used plastic container, chocolate raise-nets to be exact haha)
  • Chalkboard label
  • Chalk
  • Paper

#protips: You can have pre-cut construction paper color organized by expensiveness or broken out by his & her ideas (pink or blue)

How to fill your lovely new DIY Date Night Jar:

Before you start jotting down your ideas for date night, place the chalkboard label sticker onto your jar and write “Date Night Ideas Jar”.

Now, our idea was every time we had an idea we would write down where, and any info we thought might help like a phone number or website. This way the information would be there and all the thinking is taken care of for that next date night.

Be as creative with your date night jar and set-up the jar, however, you two feel will be helpful.

Jimmy and I are so busy that by the time the weekend comes as are most of you, you just don’t want to think lol. So this is such a life saver for us.

Date Night Ideas:

  • Explore your own backyard- what we mean by this is last weekend Jimmy and I went to see a local landmark that neither one of us have seen since we were both kids. We explored and saw other parts of our town. Take advantage of this time, because you live there and never realize that one day it could be gone. We’re in NY as some of you may or may not know and every day we would expect to see the Twin Towers there and one day they’re not. The best motto we try to live by do not put off till tomorrow, with what you can do today.

Staten Island Conference house-staten-island

  • Do something that your partner enjoys and do it together– Get specific, like do they like to play baseball? Then hit up the batting cages
  • Brunch at Home– Us New Yorkers love a good Brunch, so no matter where you’re from go and Set-up your own brunch together. Make your favorite brunch food and grab the champagne and pop that bottle! Make mimosas and or have a Bloody Mary Station.
  • Do something NEW– Get out of your comfort zone and try something that neither of you has done and learn together.
  • Do a DIY project together– We spent our Vday making a floor mirror together
  • Go out to dinner– Okay, now we run into well what restaurant do you want to go to and that leads to what type of food you in the mood for, etc. You see where we are going here, right? Next time you guys are out and see a restaurant or bar take out your phone and right it down! This way you can pull it up the next time your bae says, those lovely words “I don’t know where do you want to eat!”
  • Add some free ideas too– bike riding, google local fairs and events on Facebook that are in the area.

The best thing about the Date Night Jar, you can jot down the idea as it comes to you. No stress, no worries, and all you have to do is show-up!

Comment below and share with us your date night ideas!


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Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Nautical Themed CharmsIMG_6365

Get your wine glasses and your gals/pals together for a night of great company. But hold the phone! What can make this night or day (no judgement) more festive and necessary, wine glass charms!

These charms are the perfect way to identify which wine glass is yours, especially when you’ve had one too many! Each one is handmade using high-quality beads and charms.

The wine glass charms can easily be made using any bead color of your choice! This particular set is our Nautical wine glass collection. Just send me a message through Etsy, or leave me a note here and letting me know the color of your choice.

IMG_6357 IMG_6355 IMG_6353 IMG_6351



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DIY Nautical Rope Coasters


Diy coasterS (1)

So since now that we have an awesome deck, it is now time to decorate. Jimmy and I are going with  the nautical theme, hence the title of the blog post. Nothing says nautical like a set of DIY rope coasters. Right?

This DIY rope coaster project just like most of our projects are super easy. However, I seem to have found a way to burn myself a few times with the hot glue gun. Do not let that stop you, because they are too awesome not to do them! 



  • 2x Ashland 0.2 in. x15 ft/7mm x4.5 (roll of sisal/hemp/jute rope or any other kind you prefer) made 6 coasters
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

If you want to take it to the next level below are additional supplies:

  • Stencils or pictures for the images on the coasters
  • A black fine point Sharpe marker for sketching, if you are using pictures to look at to make your image.
  • A small paintbrush
  • Plastic/paper plates and old newspapers. This is to be sure to protect whatever you are working on from the hot glue, paint, and shedding (if any; mine did because it was natural jute) from the rope. Do not use anything that you wouldn’t want to be ruined!!
  • Sealer. I used Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray


1. Set-up all of your supplies in your area, make sure the hot glue gun is hot and ready to go.

2. We felt it was easier to glue as we went and remember the golden rule, LESS is always MORE. You will want to pinch the beginning of the rope and make sure it’s secure because if that center piece comes apart it will look bad and well the rest will not be secure. So no pressure. 🙂


3. You are going to continue to repeat the second step until you get the coaster the size you want. We went around about 6-7 times. Once you get towards the end, just use your scissors to cut the rope and finish gluing. We put a dab of glue on the tip of the end piece to seal it down.

And just like that another easy project completed!

Optional Step:

4. Once all coasters are finished, get out your paint, a small paintbrush, your choice of stencils or pictures (you can print pictures from the computer). If you are using pictures, you will also need a black fine point Sharpe marker for sketching on the coaster), and a plastic/paper plate (to put the paint on for use).

5. Once you are done sketching the picture, it’s time to start painting! Only use a bit of paint at a time and work slowly. 

6.Repeat the same steps on the other coasters while letting the finished ones dry.

7. After you’re finished and they are all dry, it’s time to spray the sealer. Use this outside!! You do not want this smell all over your house! On both sides of the coasters, spray a couple of coats, letting it dry 15-20 minutes between each one.

8. On the bottom of the coaster, you may want to put a coat of regular mod podge to help seal in the shedding more. 



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New Deck Makeover

New Deck Make Over

New Deck (1)


Displaying IMG_6260.JPG

Hello, Everyone! So were going to have this New Deck Makeover be the first of what should surely be many set series posts.  In this post will talk about the new deck and all of its beauty. The other posts in the series will capture the decor inspiration and where we shopped for those lovely pieces. So with no further ado lets begin.

What a deck! (That’s what she said )We decided to higher a contractor  to tackle our new deck makeover project. A lot has been going on, so we had decided to higher a contractor and these guys banged out the deck in a day and a HALF. Yup, a day and a HALF! We are super excited to enjoy the rest of our summer and fall months on this beauty.

It’s All About The Trex, No Wood

When re-doing your deck we highly recommend going the Trex route. This may cost more upfront, but in the long run totally worth every penny. Think no splinters & less maintenance. This extended deck was a long time coming and  we knew it was going to be extended once the house was bought.

Anywho, you must check out the before and after pictures below! Our deck makeover was a complete success. Our tiny deck prior was made out of wood and seemed to host a lovely family of bees. It was very annoying, to say the least, to open our back door and to be in fear that one would get into our house EEK! The deck needs some small finishing touches cosmetically. One of the projects, we are planning to add a sink and counter space for the BBQ area. That of course, we’ll share with you all as it happens. 


Inspiration Behind It All

Below, you will find some of the pictures from Pinterest that have inspired us ( All pictures have been linked back to their original post). You can follow our board to see what else we great ideas we have in store, here.

Deck Make OverThis grey/white #Trex decking and railing combo gives the deck a modern look. Built by Long Island Decking in Oceanside, NY, a TrexPro Platinum contractor. Click on the photo above to see this contractor's website.::



Jimmy and I can not wait to start decorating (well I am excited lol) and create a relaxing cozy spot for all of our family and friends. Definitely, need to plan a BBQ and give this deck some attention it so rightfully deserves. 

Still currently shopping for patio furniture, throw pillows, coffee table ensemble, and lanterns. When decorating any room of our house we not only have a Pinterest board but, we actually make a real inspiration board. This is where will print out pictures that we like or from magazines and fabrics. This organizes our ideas and brings to life what we want. we prefer a pin board so you easily move pictures around, however; lately, we’ve  used an oaktag because we had it on hand and did not want to take my other ideas off for our MBR.

Inspiration boards are so useful and handy. We will share a post on how to make a board and the best way to stay true to it while shopping!

So far we purchased our couch (we took full advantage of the fourth of July sale) at Walmart and the Hampton Bay pergola at Home Depot. The two pieces go together so well! (No payment was received by Young Couple Old Home, all products mentioned are our recommendations only.)

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for New Deck Makeover Part II of the series.


New Deck makeoverDeck Makeover Deck Makeover

Deck Make Over




Displaying IMG_6249.JPGDisplaying IMG_6249.JPGDisplaying IMG_6249.JPG

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DIY Carpet and Mattress Refresher

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DIY Carpet and Mattress Refresher

A must-have all natural spring cleaning recipe!

DIY carpet freshening powder that only uses two ingredients!

DIY Carpet Freshener Powder


Want to save money on carpet freshener? Did you know that carpet powder you can get at the store is full of toxic chemicals? If we sparked your interest, then keep reading to find out how to make your own economically affordable and chemical free carpet freshener.

These days Jimmy and I have no carpets in our home, besides for our accent and area rugs. In our old apartment we loved to use carpet freshener when we vacuumed our rooms. However, I realized, that it’s actually really bad for you….the ones in the stores have many chemicals and the products can be pricey. 

We started to make our own DIY Carpet and MattressRefresher. It works even better than the store bought options…..and ends up being more economical, too. {It also SMELLS amazing! Much better than the fake smells that carpet powder usually comes in!}

An added bonus, it’s also great to refresh the mattresses. Here is a simple method of how to  clean your mattress to refresh it.  We spend over a third of our lives in bed getting that precious beauty sleep so it is important that what we sleep (breath into) needs to be clean. We wash our sheets weekly to remove dust mites, and dead skin cells, therefore, we should clean a mattress at least once a month. Yuck we Know!


Here’s the DIY Carpet and Mattress Refresher simple recipe:

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil of your choice – we use lavender
  • Kitchen Sifter: Mix well with baking soda and essential oil once blended,  then sprinkle over carpets and allow to sit a few minutes before vacuuming or Sprinkle all over bare mattresses and allow to sit at least 1 hour and then vacuum
  • An empty spice container- these are perfect for when you sprinkle over your carpets
  • Vacum


Sprinkle the carpet powder onto the desired areas of your carpet.  Let it sit for at least 30 minutes on the carpet and one hour on the mattress  then vacuum it up. This will get rid of dust mites and freshens up the mattress so it can work its magic and absorb all of the stinky odors.  It’s that easy! This carpet powder can be used as often as necessary.  It should not bleach your carpet or stain it, but if that is a concern, perform a patch test in a small inconspicuous area first.  Because this powder is non-toxic and chemical-free, it is safe for children and pets to be around.

 DIY Carpet Freshener PowderDIY Carpet Freshener Powder

DIY Carpet Freshener Powder DIY Carpet Freshener Powder 


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