Take Advantage Of The Fourth Of July Sales Now


In honor of Independence Day, we compiled a list of  Fourth of July sales to help you upgrade your home. You’ll be able to save big on appliances, electronics and home furnishings.

Furniture and Appliances

  • New! JCPenney: Up to 70% off clearance furniture; extra 15% off via code “HOTSALE”
    Details: Save up to 70% on clearance furniture during JCPenney’s 4th of July Sale. Even better, cut an extra 15% off via the code above. Shipping adds $8.95, or choose in-store pickup for $3.95 to avoid the shipping fee. You can also spend over $25 to qualify for free pickup, or over $99 to qualify for free shipping; larger items may incur additional shipping fees. Some exclusions apply. Deal ends July 5.
  • Home Depot: Up to 35% off select appliances
    Details: Save up to 35% on a selection of refrigerators, washers/dryers, ovens, dishwashers, and more. (Prices are as marked.) Shipping starts at $5.99, or opt for in-store pickup to dodge the fees. Some items and most orders of $45 or more are eligible for free shipping. (Oversize items may incur additional fees, but most appliance purchases of $396 or more bag free shipping.) Sale ends July 13.
  • Sears: Up to 405 off on patio furniture. Take an extra 5% of or 12 month financing  on items $299 + with a Sears card. Plus take advantage free delivery on patio furniture $499 + and grill orders $399.
  • Overstock.com: Up to 75% off select items
    Details: Cut up to 75% off select furniture, lighting, decor, and more during Overstock’s 4th of July Sale. Shipping is a low fee of $2.95, although orders of $45 or more qualify for free shipping. Some exclusions apply.
  • eBay: Up to 54% off select kitchen appliances
    Details: Save up to 54% on select kitchen appliances from various merchants via eBay including refrigerators, stoves, cooktops, washers, dryers, and more. Even better, all orders bag free shipping.

Make sure to use Ebates to get money back on each purchase you make! Why not get paid to shop, that’s all we’re saying.

Young Couple Old Home want to wish you a Happy & Safe Fourth Of July!


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15 Awesome Summer Hacks

15 Awesome Summer Hacks That Will Take Your Summer To The Next Level

Who is excited for Summer? As the first day of Summer has officially begun, we thought what better way to kick this season off than with some good old fashion SUMMER HACKS. We gathered some awesome  tips, tricks and hacks that will surely help you have a great Summer. 

Grill Food Before Anyone Arrives

At some point in a BBQ, guests begin to hover around the grill, salivating, with beers in hand. This is when the pressure mounts, and you rush to get all the burgers or steaks done. Why not just start earlier? Grill meats up to four hours before you want to serve them to just under where you want them. So if guests all want their burgers medium, take the patties off the grill at medium rare, let them sit at room temperature, and toss them on to finish them off when everyone is ready to eat.


Make The Grill Stick-Proof.

To make sure your food doesn’t stick to your grill, rub half an onion on the grates.


The Only Grill Cleaning Hack You’ll Ever Need
Everything starts with a clean grill, and there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you forgot to clean the grill with a yard full of hungry guests. Next time, use this one simple hack to clean your grill as soon as food comes off, and you’ll never face dirty grates again. While the grill is still warm, ball up some aluminum foil (chances are you have some leftover from cooking), and use a pair of tongs to vigorously scrub the grates clean. Instant clean – no special equipment required.

w620_h480 (1)

Stock Up on Mason Jars
Mason jars are riding a (seemingly endless) wave of popularity and utility, thanks to an abundance of accessories that make them useful for just about everything. They make for inexpensive yet sturdy drinking glasses, condiment dispensers, utensil holders, candle holders, and more. They’re especially ideal for corralling grill tools and utensils around the grill, as plastic would easily melt


Fix Flip Flops:

Use bread tags to keep flip flops from coming apart Freeze ice cubes of aloe vera and when you have a sun burn you can use a frozen ice cube to rub the coolness on your burn Keep you hands clean while eating a Popsicle, use a cupcake lining Turn old Jeans into awesome new pair of shorts.


Order Up:

Use your ketchup or BBQ squeeze bottle to write on the bottom of the buns. If someone wants a well done burger, write well on the bottom and so on and so forth so the griller knows how many of each they need to cook, then match it with the correct bun (here is a pic of the squeeze bottle too).

BBQ hacks you should use next time you have a barbeque_zpsziwqsceq

Condiment organizer:

Use the muffin tin as an awesome condiment organizer for those perfect summer bbq get together.


Sticky Finger Free:

Use cupcake lining as a way to protect those fingers of your from getting all sticky.


Create a Beach Safe:

You can make a handy little safe with an empty lotion bottle and keep your possessions safe while you are out and about at the pool or the beach. Just empty the bottle and wash it out well. Use bottles that have removable tops (most are large enough for you to keep cash, keys, and even a cell phone in them). Then just throw your stuff in your lotion bottle and stick it in your bag. Not only will it help to hide away your valuables, it makes it much easier to keep up with your cash and keys when they are neatly stored together.


Keep Your Steering Wheel Cool:

Actually, this little trick won’t really keep the steering wheel cool but it will help you to prevent burning your hands when your car has been in the hot sun. Turn the steering wheel as far as you can when you get out of the car. That way, when you get back in, you’re not needing to actually touch the part of the steering wheel that has been in the blazing sunlight. You can just turn it back quickly (to avoid initial burning) and then drive on without worries of singeing off your fingerprints.

How To Keep Sand Off Your Blanket:


Easily Remove Sand:

Baby powder is quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to adults. Honestly. If you are heading to the beach, take along some baby powder. Believe it or not, if you sprinkle your sand covered feet with baby powder when you’re ready to leave, the sand will literally fall off. Instead of tracking up your car and worse, your carpeting at home, with sand, you can just remove it easily with the baby powder. It works and it works really well. Plus, baby powder is much cheaper than shampooing carpets to get that sand out.


Don’t Throw out Those Worn-Out Jeans Just Yet:

Click on the title to learn how to create you brand new shorts from those worn out jeans.


Glow Sticks in a Pool:

Insert Picture




I’m obsessed, I tell you.  OBSESSED!




Hope you enjoyed our compile of awesome hacks that should definitely help with your long Summer days. Put them to use and send us your pictures!

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Throw A Fun and Easy Fourth of July Bash


Today we’re doing things a little different. Today it’s all about the party! Fourth of July that is!

There’s something extra special about festivities that happen around the Fourth of July. This season we’re dreaming of an outdoor get-together that’s simple to pull together. Stars and stripes? Obviously. Red, white, and blue palette? No doubt. Easy, stress-free, and kid-friendly? You betcha!

We’re going to share with you some great ideas from our family BBQ par-tay  in case you want to plan your own party.

The day was full of our favorite American foods and all kinds of red, white and blue. We started out with the appetizers, American flag pizza and Red, White and blue chips. Totally American.


Always important to have you Patriotic decor out and about… We had flag themed plates, napkins and toothpicks. There were also the American flag mason jars that we made (which can be found here) and wine bottle decor..(Tutorial Coming soon!)

What’s a fourth of July party with out a little sangria, right?  We made sangria with fruit cut out into a star. We used a star shaped cookie cuter. A sure total hit! #Protip Definitely set-up a beverage center,this way you can enjoy the party and your guests can help themselves


When it comes to the food RED>>> WHITE>>> & BLUE is always the fun and ultimate way to go.

Our friends and family all got into the theme and helped out with the food making too. We had pasta salad, veggies, salad, fruit and  cake.

7 IMG_5520 IMG_55181513

Receipes can be found below:

Pasta Salad:  Note we did modify it a bit, but still so good! Also, deffinitly made too much pasta that day, you can never get the amount right?!

RED WHITE & BLUE SALAD OMG this was so good, the dressing was amazing!

Shrimp and Pineapple Kabobs:  Modified this a bit… basically if you haven’t used Flavor God Seasonings yet, you are missing out! Google it and you can thank me later!!! (No pictures) sorry

We had a lot of fun and you definitely want to have activities for the kids. My sister-inlaw does not mess around she brought a bouncy house for the kids.


While the kids played, the adults played CORNHOLE, or as we like to call it BAGO! Tomato TOM-ATO

Outside Jimmy hooked-up out door speakers, this way our guests could enjoy the outdoors with some good music, good drinks and great company.


To SUM it all up:

  • Prep ahead of time when ever you can, this will help out the day of
  • Ask friends and family to help out with the food, your not a super hero and I guarantee they want to help out too
  • This is a DIY page and whats a DIY page without a project- make center pieces that are easy and fun like our wine bottle center pieces (it gives you a reason to have a glass of wine lol)
  • REMEMBER to relax and enjoy the ones who are around you


Young Couple Old Home want to wish you a Happy and Safe 4th of July!



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How to Hang Window Boxes on Vinyl Siding

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home











Learn how to hang window boxes on a vinyl house- the easy way!

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to revamp the front of your house with some window boxes. Jimmy and I are now tackling the front yard and will be posting a blog on the whole process and flowers we used. In the mean time, you all want to learn how to hang window boxes on Vinyl Siding, than keep reading.

To hang window boxes in the most common way, you would have to put holes through the siding. Window boxes can also scratch the exterior of your siding where they hang. With some special hardware and care, you can overcome both of these issues. So, if you are determined to have window boxes on your vinyl-sided house, you’ll need the right tools.

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

Things You’ll Need

  •  5 quarter board by whatever length of the window boxes
  •  Vinyl window boxes (metal hooks and hardware included)
  • 5″ lag bolts with washers
  • Paint -similar to your choice of window box

Free Ship to Store or Home on Over 700,000 Items

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

How to install flower box to vinyl siding home

  • Measure the overall length of the window boxes, in our case we used three individual boxes. Cut the 5/4 board to that exact length. Since it is very difficult to find the wall studs since houses are covered in siding, we used cinch lag bolts to secure the 5/4 board to the siding. the lag bolts are big enough to go past the siding, past the outer insulation and into the plywood which houses are made with. This gives us a flat surface to mount the hooks to.
  • The next step is not hard, but can be tricky. You will want to use a level and  draw a line which is where all the brackets will go.
  • Clip the window boxes on the brackets and voila. However; the siding or the window might not be exactly level. so you need to also use your eye and tweak it if need be. For a home that is just under 100 years old we got lucky and everything was level.
  • Use at least two hooks for each window box. Putting one hook at each end will help distribute the weight and keep your window box level. In our case the window boxes has specific indentations of where to clip the hooks to.
  • After installing the window boxes to check how they look we noticed the wood board behind it was slightly visible. So we used white spray paint on the edges and the sections in-between the window boxes to make it blend it.
  • Normally you would have to keep your window box as light as possible. But with this design the wood board is secured to the frame of the house and the window-box hooks are resting completely on the wood. Now wouldn’t recommend standing on the boxes, but it can certainly hold up more than the 10 to 12 lbs the vinyl siding could on its own. Another tip is to make sure the bottom of the window box has one or two small holes for water drainage.


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How to Make American Flag Red White Blue Mason Jars

A tutorial on how to make American flag red white blue mason jars.Pottstown Weekend Market

In honor of Memorial Day weekend coming up, we thought what would share an easy all American DIY project. Perfect for a BBQ centerpiece or even utensil organizer! Hell, it can be whatever tickles your fancy 😉

P.S this is also great for the 4th of July !

So let’s get to it!

40% Off Any One Regular Price Item

SUPPLIES: Click on the above link to use the 40% coupon from Michaels

  • 3x Mason Jars – Purchased from Dollar Store
  • Acrlic Paint Red, White and Blue
  • Sponge brush
  • Fine Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Clear spray paint
  • Star Stencil- We used computer paper


We started by painting two jars white and one blue using craft store acrylic paint. Once the jars were painted, next was to make the stripes.


We used painters tape to create the stripes. #Protip: you may want to try using Washi Tape. Ran into a snag when we were removing the tape from the jars. This led us to use the fine painters brush to go in for some touch-ups. Not too bad, as we were going for that distress look.

5 6

Next step… the making of the stars

We easily made a star stencil from what we printed onto the computer paper, not the most creative method lol.

8 7

Last Step…. Yup, were at the home stretch! We told you it was easy, why would we lie????

Get your  clear enamel spray paint … and start spraying away! Obviously, spray 6-12 inches from the mason jars and make sure your outside or in a well ventilated area!!!

And just like that your done!!!

P.S: Let’s remember what were really celebrating … Memorial Day, a day to remembering the people who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. resized_success-kid-meme-generator-completed-diy-pinterest-project-on-to-the-next-one-f32f21

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Create A Dressing Room With Ikea Furniture & Home Deport: Room Tour


Hello Ladies!

Welcome to Barbara’s dressing room aka my sanctuary. While Jimmy may have his two car garage workshop for his cars, I however; wanted my very own dressing room/make-up room.

It is still a work in progress like anything else when owning a home. For real, is a home ever really finished? Well back to the room at hand, still need to work on the decor aspect, but will definitely keep all who are interested updated.

Jimmy and I gave a up a spare bedroom to make this dream come true. So with no further ado, welcome to the dressing room!!DSC_0490IMG_4375











Where I bought the above:

Vanity: Ikea

Chair: Lexmod

Vanity Mirror: Vanity Girl Hollywood

You can learn how I made the heart Picture as seen above, here.

IMG_4384As you can tell a bit bare, working on this! ( And no, the labels are not printed on the chest, Photoshop this way you know how I organized)

Where we bought the three draw dresser: (Thinking about swapping the black knobs, stay tuned to see what I change them too 🙂)
Dresser: Ikea

IMG_4380 Really cheap and easy way to organize jewelry (rings, earrings, etc) use ice treys. Bought mine from the dollar store! (Love that PLACE)


Check out how we made our floor mirror here  


All Racks were from Home Depot.

SuperSlide 4 ft. x 12 in. Shelf Kit with Closet Rod

1Every dressing room can not be complete without a chandelier, am I right? Home Depot item, yup!

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Our Front Yard Make Over

Ahhh Spring has sprung and what better time to revamp our front yard than now, right? Past day or two we and with the help from our awesome local landscapers “Lawn Care”, we were able to spruce up the joint.

We’ll soon be posting a how to install window flower box to a vinyl siding house. Stay tuned! Definitely a great way to add a little extra something to the home. Don’t you think?

Check-out below the transition from when we first bought the house over a year ago to now. Also, take a look at our home tour page so you can see how we transformed the rest of our home here.



After: DSC_0477DSC_0469


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DIY Floral Spring Wreath

DIY Floral Wreath

DIY Floral Wreath

Learn how to make your own floral wreath perfect for any season

Spring has sprung in New York and with that, it is time to change our wreath from Winter themed to Spring! Finally!!

All supplies were purchased from Michael’s. A wreath similar to the one we made can go for $70 & up, yup you read right! Keep reading and you can do your own wreath anywhere from $25-$35 range (pending on the type of flowers you use). What will also help the cost is to use Michael’s coupons!

Check out Retailmenot.com for 50% coupon!

**Note In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything from Retailmenot company. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands 🙂 ***

For this DIY Floral Wreath project, you will need…

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Assorted faux stems: hydrangeas and roses
  • Wire snippers
  • Galvanized metal letter
  • Hot glue gun

Young Couple Old Home

To begin, remove the blooms from each stem with wire schnippers. Gently pull to remove the leaves from each stem, as well.

Position the flowers along the left-hand side of the wreath, as shown. When you are satisfied with the layout of the flowers, apply a bit of hot glue to each stem and then push each through the wreath form to secure.


Position and adhere the leaves with hot glue alongside the flowers. Tuck a few leaves in between the flowers, as well, for extra dimension.

Finally, use hot glue to adhere the metal letter along the right-hand side of the wreath, as shown.

DIY Floral Wreath

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