We’re Engaged!

This Young Couple Got Engaged In Their Old Home

Young Couple Old Home

Last Friday, began like any normal day for Jimmy and me; however, little did I know a big SURPRISE was coming my way. A friend of mine came to pick me up and head over to Hobby Lobby to help pick out curtain rods and etc. As the night came to an end I was heading back home to what I would believe to be an empty house, as Jimmy works nights.

I open the door and I see a shadow moving, fearful that someone may have just broken into my house, a voice quickly said it’s me, Jimmy! He grabs my hands to pull me back into the house and as we entered the living room I see a hundred tea lights lit, rose peddles on the floor, champagne bottle on ice, and my favorite chocolate covered strawberries!

Young Couple Old Home

After the proposal and I calmed down, I realized Jimmy had two GoPro cameras running to capture this moment. We had discussed getting married for so long and I knew it would happen soon, but did not know it was going to happen that night. I’m still in awe of him and the work he put into that night, into building our first home, and he puts into our relationship.

This house was our first real venture together and for us to get engaged in our living room was the perfect way to take on our next venture!

So you know what’s next right? Planning the wedding and this Bride and Groom will be showing you all our DIY wedding projects.

Our next blog post we’ll be sharing how Jimmy made the I Love You Sign for the proposal!

Young Couple Old Home


Young Couple Old Home

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