Will You Be My Bridesmaid ?

Your fiancé popped the question… now it’s your turn! Your bridesmaids will be your biggest support system leading up to your wedding day, so why not make the most of asking them to join your bridal party?

I went the sentimental route and also affordable because let’s face ladies a wedding will not pay for itself. Below you will find, how to make your own version Will you be my bridesmaid box that will show your besties how much you want them to stand by your side as you embark on the next chapter of your life!

Below is a list of items I used to make my “Will you be my bridesmaid box?”

  • Paper Mache Square Boxes $3.69 each
  • Flower or Rhinestone letter to match the color or initial to their name
  • Ribbon (the color of your bridesmaid dress maybe an idea, mine was Burgundy) $1.00
  • Straw filer (purchased several bags at my local dollar tree store) $1.00 each
  • Nail polish (the color of your bridesmaid dress may be an idea) $1.00
  • Mini Champagne or wine bottle (great for when they say yes to celebrate with) Price varies
  • Wine Charms $1.99 
  • Pictures of you and that bridesmaid (CVS tend to have great deals)
  • A handwritten note always means more, let this be a moment to tell them why you want them standing by your side (Cards can be found at your local Dollar Tree store) $1.00



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